23 Questions for Alexa


Amazon Alexa is able to read and give you weather information. It’s surprisingly useful.

We’re sure you didn’t realize Alexa has 23 funny commands she can hear.


1. “Alexa! Tell me a joke! “

This would have been your first. This is one the most well-known Alexa commands. Even though asking Alexa to tell you a joke might result in some grunting and sneers at times, Amazon’s intelligent assistant will gladly serve as your personal jokebook.

2. “Alexa! 2. “Alexa! “

Do you have an apartment that prohibits dogs? If your pet is nearby, landlords might ask for a deposit.

3. “Alexa! 3. “Alexa! “

Did your dog drool while you were sleeping? Answer this question and you’ll get all the kittens without litter.

4. “Alexa! 4. “Alexa! “

Do you long for a Seussian word? Do you crave the aroma of delicious breakfast foods and the sound of a good book?


5. “Alexa! 5. “Alexa! “

Ask this question. Be an Alexa Jedi.

6. “Alexa! 6. “Alexa! “

Alexa can help you, just as the previous entry. Grab some darkest clothes and your lightsabers. You have the option to add the Death Star, Helmet, or both.

7. Alexa, Make Me A Sandwich! “

Alexa will deliver the sandwich you request.

8. “Alexa! 8. “Alexa! “

There are many commands that Alexa can use to inquire about music. However, none of them are as effective. It’s guaranteed that you will laugh.


9. “Alexa! Is The Matrix Our Home? “

Do you feel like you are stuck in 1999’s hit film The Matrix. Do your wish that Morpheus could have awakened you and told you that you were The One. Unfortunately, Alexa’s smart assistant won’t be able to teach you Kung Fu.

10. “Alexa, My Name Is Inigo Montoya”

Your dad was a master sword maker. You have dedicated your life to fencing. Use this phrase if you want to find a six-fingered man and don’t know what words to use.

11. “Alexa, Where is Chuck Norris?” “

Alexa has the ability to help you locate the greatest 80s martial artist action star. Alexa will use an algorithm to determine Chuck’s last address and locate it in one jump.


12. “Alexa! What do you think about Cortana’s? “

It is true that Amazon and Microsoft have a great relationship. Ask Alexa to learn more about their friendship.

13. “Alexa! Give Me a Kiss!” “

Alexa is there to help you when you’re feeling lonely.

14. “Alexa! Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? “

Alexa is willing to answer any accusatory question if asked. You can also ask your security cameras for concrete evidence.


15. What Happens If You Step on A LEGO Brick?

The majority of parents will know the answer. But if you’re not sure, ask.

16. “Alexa, Can You Sing in Autotune? “

This Alexa command should not be difficult to understand.

17. “Alexa! What do you want to do when you grow up? “

Alexa, the robotic assistant, dreams. Although most children see themselves as firefighters or astronauts, Alexa is a different kind of child.

18. “Alexa! 18. “Alexa! “

Alexa can be offered a diamond engagement ring if she has one. Would you rather think about it? Can you recall how many years you’ve been married for?

19. “Alexa! 19. “Alexa! “

Do you have bills to pay? Or do you need a personal loan to pay them? Ask Alexa.


20. “Alexa! I have 99 problems! “

We’re pretty sure Jay-Z, the billionaire rap mogul, has not had any of these problems. Alexa, however, might be having some problems.

21. “Alexa! Tell a Dad Joke “

It isn’t just repetition or recitation. Don’t be surprised when your kids stop inviting their friends to your house.

22. “Alexa! 22. “Alexa!” “

This classic question is one. Alexa can help you find meaning in your life.

23. “Alexa! 23. “Alexa!”

Who knew numbers could be so interesting? Alexa can generate a random number using any value. Did your guess work?

Alexa Can Be Fun, Too

Amazon Alexa may be able to help you with traffic information, weather and other details.

Use these phrases and questions to spice up your Alexa interactions. Although you may not be able to roll around on the ground without your derrieres covered, you will have some great laughs.


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