7 Tips to Fix a Failed Google Meet Camera


Google Meet is a popular app for video conferencing. It can be used via the web browser or the mobile app. Some users reported that the Google Meet camera was not working correctly when they tried to use the service.

This article will discuss how to troubleshoot Google Meet not working on Chrome, Edge and other browsers.

Google Meet Camera Failed Error Causes

Here are some common causes of the Google Meet camera failure error on Windows computers:

  • Insufficient permission to access audio or camera device
  • Temporary browser problem that interferes with the service.
  • Other glitches and missing webcam drivers
  • Other apps are using your webcam.
  • Incorrectly configured video settings such as Google Meet’s default camera.

This error can be fixed by changing a few settings within a web browser or Google Meet app.

1. Check Google Meet Camera Permission

Google Meet will ask permission to view your camera when you join a meeting. Google Meet will display a black screen if you reject or block the access request.

Google Meet can access your camera to fix it. This is how it works in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Edge browsers.

Allow Camera Use from the Meeting Page

You will see a camera icon with the red cross and Google Meet access blocked to your camera. This indicates that access to communication devices has been denied.

To fix it, click on the Microphone icon. Allow Google Meet to access your camera. Done. Next, click on the Video/Camera button on the Google Meet screen. This will enable the camera.

Allow Camera Access from Site Settings

If the black screen persists, you can give the camera access through site settings. This is how you do it in your favorite browser.

Edge Chromium

  1. Click on the Settings icon (three dots), to open Settings.
  2. Open the Cookies tab in the Settings page.
  3. Scroll down to All Permissions in the left pane.
  4. Click on Camera. You will see that the Google Meet URL camera access URL is blocked.
  5. Click on to Delete ( Toss icon).
  6. Open Google Meet again. Click Allow when the prompt to access your camera appears.


  1. Click on the three dots to select Settings.
  2. From the left pane, open the Privacy & Security Tab.
  3. Site Settings.
  4. Scroll down to click Camera.
  5. Next, click Google Meet URL. Click on the drop-down menu for Camera and choose Allow.

Google Meet should now have access to your Chrome camera.


Firefox displays permission status on Firefox’s left sidebar. To grant Google Meet access to your camera, click on the Camera icon.

2. You can check if another app is using your camera

Google Meet can’t use your webcam or show a video feed if other apps are running in the background. You should check if there is another video conferencing app, such as Skype and TeamViewer, using your webcam.

Check your laptop’s camera indicator light is turned on. If the answer is yes, close all apps that use your camera in the background. After that, you can join the Google Meet meeting and click on the camera icon to activate your webcam.

3. Restart your browser and check for updates

This is the obvious solution but it’s also the most overlooked. Sometimes, browser functions can be affected by temporary glitches. This can be fixed by closing all tabs manually, then restarting the browser.

Also, make sure to check for any pending browser updates. Updates often include bug fixes and performance enhancements.

4. Google Meet Camera as default

Google Meet defaults to your system’s camera app. You will need to set up Google Meet if you use a third party camera app like Snap Camera or .

To change the default camera

  1. You can open Google Meet in your browser.
  2. Click here Icon of gear To open the settings, click on the top-right corner.
  3. Navigate to the Video tab.
  4. Click on the default camera to choose your preferred camera option.

You Have Now Changed the default Google Meet camera. You can join a meeting to see any changes.

5. Updating Webcam Drivers

Your webcam driver can become outdated and cause it to stop working properly. This problem can be fixed by updating your webcam drivers.

To update webcam drivers

  1. To open Run, press the Windows key +R
  2. To open Device Manager, type devmgmt.msc.
  3. Expand the Cameras category . You should check if your webcam has a yellow exclamation point.
  4. Right-click your webcam driver and select Update drivers.
  5. Select Search for driversoption automatically Wait for Windows to scan the available drivers and then install them.

To apply the changes, restart your computer after the drive has been installed. Check if the camera failed error has been resolved by opening Google Meet.

6. Disable MediaFoundation Video Capture from Chrome

Chrome flags are experimental features that are available to developers and tinkers. Microsoft has developed MediaFoundation VideoCapture, a Chrome flag as well as a multimedia framework.

According to reports, Google Meet Camera isn’t working on browsers that have the MediaFoundation flag disabled. To fix the problem, disable your browser.

To disable MediaFoundation Video Capture:

  1. Copy/paste this text in Chrome or Microsoft Edge (Chromium browser) and hit Enter.
  2. Select Disabled from the drop-down menu for MediaFoundation.
  3. Restart your browser to check for improvements.

7. For blocking access, make sure your antivirus is updated

Antivirus software with web protection can block access to the camera via unauthorized or third-party sources. For web protection, make sure you have your antivirus software.

For example – On Kaspersky antivirus, go to Settings > Protection > Web Protection. Uncheck the box for Block access to webcams for all apps. You will see a pop-up window with a list containing blocked apps. Removing your browser from this list will be a good idea.

You can also temporarily disable your antivirus to determine if your security program is the problem.

You can also access Google Meet using a different browser as a temporary solution. Sometimes, browser-related problems may need to be fixed by the developer. This may take some time.

Google Meet Camera Error Fixed

It can be frustrating to have your camera or audio stop working in Google Meet meetings. In most cases, Google Meet will be able to fix the problem by giving access to your camera.

However, Google Meet offers excellent alternatives to the problem, with Zoom being one example. You don’t have to limit yourself to unreliable web conferencing services.


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