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National Burrito Day, Chipotle, is when Stefan Thomas of Coil, CEO and founder, will unveil a new interactive gaming game called “Burritos Or Bitcoin”. Chipotle invites customers to join a “cryptocurrency escape mission” where they enter the code into electronic wallets. Chipotle makes this funny reference to Thomas losing his password to his computer. This saved him $387 million worth of Bitcoin.

It works: Each player gets ten (10) chances to correctly guess the six-digit code. This code will enable them to win $25,000 Bitcoin or a burrito.

Officially, competition will start at 9:00 PT April 1st and end at 6:00 PT the same day. Visit burritosorbitcoin.com to play “Burritos or even Bitcoin.”.

  • ROI
  • 10,000 supporters will each receive one (1) Burrito
  • 50 Bitcoin enthusiasts will be awarded 500 USD
  • Three couples could win $25,000 in Bitcoin

Chris Brandt serves as Chief Market Officer for Chipotle. Chipotle customers will flock to its restaurants and digital platforms this holiday to choose their favorite burrito. We are giving customers the opportunity to purchase Burritos (or Bitcoin span) this season.

NO BUY ESSENTIAL. Legal residents of the 50 U.S./D.C. 18 years or older, legal residents of the 50 U.S./D.C. Visit burritosorbitcoin.com for complete details, including official rules, restrictions on decorations, odds, and other details. At 9:00 PT on Thursday, 4/1/21, the Bitcoin Price USD exchange rates (the “Cut Off Time”) are determined. The Bitcoin price will be determined based on the USD exchange rate at Cut Off Time. Exchange rate fluctuations will not affect the prize winners. Sponsor: CMG Strategy Co., LLC


Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc., NYSE : CMG, is committed to making the world a better place by serving authentic, responsibly-sourced, delicious Mexican food. Chipotle has been a pioneer in foodservice over many years.


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