Discord makes no sound


Discord enables creators and their followers to live stream their streams. You can share your screen with other gamers.

It’s not perfect. There may be times when you share your screen, but no audio is transmitted. These might be possible solutions.

1. As Administrator, Run Discord

Windows security options might restrict app access to prevent security breaches.

Discord has your trust. Discord can also be used as an admin to grant access to your audio stream.

  1. Right-click the Discord icon at the Start menu. Click Open file URL.
  2. An Explorer window with Files will open. Click the shortcut and select to go to a specific file location.
  3. Open the application. [latest number] folder. Next, click Discord.exePDF in File Explorer.
  4. To access the properties window of discord.exe, click the compatibility Tab.
  5. OK.


Discord can now restart to verify if audio is being received.

Try streaming your sounds using other applications.

Sometimes a program’s layout can cause audio problems. Discord won’t extract audio from other processes than that used to display the content.

The sound can also be checked by streaming another game. Virtual audio drivers are used for video games to record sound and route it through Discord.


3. Manually update activity status

Discord should detect when you’re playing specific games. Discord occasionally has issues streaming. Discord might not display the status update for a specific game. This could mean you need to do it manually.

  1. Right above your Discord name, click the Setting Icon.
  2. Go to Activities.
  3. No game detected . Click to add it
  4. Select an app from the dropdown and click on Next.

That’s all. You can also check in on your viewers to ensure they are hearing the stream.


4. Reset Discord Voice Settings

You may have made a change to the streaming service’s settings. This is the simplest thing to do:

  1. Click Discord to set it up.
  2. Go to Voice & Video.
  3. Scroll below for the Settings Menu.
  4. Click Reset Voice Settings.

You’re done. This should resolve any problems Discord has with voice chat input and output devices.


5. Change Discord Voice Settings

Discord allows you to disable voice detection features in case you are having problems with your voice setting. It also eliminates unwanted noise from voice channel channel channels.


Sometimes streaming audio might be affected. The app allows you to adjust the quality of your voice.

To deactivate other features, follow these steps

  1. To get Discord’s settings, click next the username on Discord’s gear link.
  2. Click Vocal & Video.
  3. Select Discuss in Input Mode.
  4. Scroll to Video Cod.
  5. Cisco Systems, Inc. Offline OpenH264 Codec
  6. Scroll towards the bottom and locate Vocal processing.
  7. Advanced Speech Activity must be deactivated. Automatic Gain control.
  8. Scroll towards the bottom to find Quality of Service
  9. Enable Quality of Service
  10. Scroll down, and share.
  11. Not able to activate A test method for capturing audio from Applications.

You have now successfully disabled all unneeded features. Push-to talk is not available if you’re calling from a telephone.


6. Change your Game to Windowed Mode

Discord might sometimes have trouble streaming fullscreen video.

Not all games have the same settings when you want it to be fullscreen.


7. Check Your Audio Drivers

You can have issues with your computer system using an older driver.

  1. Double-click on Menu . Select Manage.
  2. The Windows Windows Device Manager Window lets you access Audio/Video or Game Controllers.
  3. Expand this folder to locate your primary audio device for your computer.
  4. Right-click on the primary audio device and select the ‘Update’ option.
  5. To launch a new browser, click Automatically search for drivers
  6. To find the most recent drivers please click Search Windows update
  7. WindowsUpdatewindow is the window that will search for an updated version. Download


Once you have finished the process, restart your computer. Next start Discord.


8. Reinstall Discord

Discord could be uninstalled or reinstalled. Stream sounds via streaming

Discord Your audio stream and stream over

Discord is an excellent way to make connections and build community.

Discord makes it simple to share your screen. You can also use Discord to broadcast your screen and share it with others in your group.


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