Give your old couch a new life by changing the cover


The sofa set in the living room is the center of attention for most homes. It is the focal point where all the family members spend their leisure time and entertain relatives and guests. However, the couch has always been a significant investment for many families. Although the investment is a long term one, yet, over the years, the sofa loses its former glory and becomes stained and outdated. Before dumping your old sofa set and spending a fortune on buying a new one, consider giving it a brand modern makeover. You can revive your old, tattered couch into a new and fancy structure. It will save you a lot of money and also help you utilize the dog-eared couch.

Take a look at the various things you can do to update your old couch and give it a complete makeover

Restore the fluff of your old sofa

It is natural for the structure of your couch to get frayed after many days of use. The fluffiness of the seat cushions reduces and starts sagging. Fortunately, remodeling the couch is easy. Fix plywood on the seating area to give support and fluff the area with seat cushions.

Do a thorough cleaning

At times, all your couch needs is a deep clean up. You may be able to add more life to your old sofa set just by vacuum-cleaning and some sweep up. It is incredible how satisfying can deep cleaning of your sofa be.

Revive your old couch with the use of upholstery     

Reupholster is the best solution for your scraggy old couch. Furniture that requires a lot of investment needs renovation, instead of being replaced. Using a new slipcover can completely change the look of the sofa. Lookout for custom made sofa covers by showing the measurements of your sofa. Make sure you buy slipcovers that suit the need of your couch. Little details on the slipcovers add beauty to the refurbished seats. Renovation of your old sofa through reupholstering can revive its former richness.

Remake the legs or cover them

If you wish to remodel your old sofa, you must change its legs. Changing the shape of the legs will give it a new look. You can modernize the round legs by putting square ones. If you do not want to replace the legs as it requires some investment, you can cover them using long slipcovers that touch the floor. Adding pleats or frills for covering outdated limbs of the couch can be adorning.

Recondition the saggy cushions

Once your old couch is fluffy and repaired, with attractive slipcovers, it is time to revive the cushions that have become saggy and sunken with use. Routine vacuuming of the cushions can give it a better look. However, if your cushions are in a dilapidated condition and cannot be re-stuffed, you can cover your sofa with small pillows. Matching your pillow with different texture covers is quite funThe new trend is to try out new patterns and bright colors. Keeping multiple cushions of a particular theme can enliven your couch and give it a modern appearance if arranged neatly.


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