How can I download Windows Media Player 12 to Windows 10


Windows Media Player is a variety of Windows Media Player versions that have existed over the years. Windows 10 has changed the rules. Windows Media Player must first be installed. The version you have installed of Windows 10 will dictate the method you choose.

We can help you find this Windows utility if you have lost it. Windows Media Player was not updated in many years.

What does Windows Media Player do?

Windows Media Player enables you to manage and play music and videos. Windows Media Player (Windows 8 and older) was the default media player.

Media Player was originally released in 1991. It was integrated in Windows 3.0 and Multimedia Extensions.

Windows Media Player is now capable of supporting more media formats, including all codecs in the now-defunct Windows Media Framework.

These include DVD playback, syncing with portable multimedia players, and syncing with them.

Many people consider Windows Media Player’s capability to rip to or burn discs one of its most valued features. Windows Media Player helped you get your music onto a computer back when music was still primarily consumed on disk.

Windows Media Player’s use on Windows desktops is what makes it the most popular. Windows Media Player has also been released for Windows Mobile, Mac and Oracle Solaris.

Windows Media Player.

To quickly check if Windows Media Player 12 installed and is activated, open the Start menu and search for it.

It is an optional feature for most Windows 10. Microsoft has disabled it by default. It is possible that your search may not return any results.

Windows 10 N (or Windows 10 NK) are two versions of operating systems which do not include it.

According to the European Commission, Microsoft’s practice of installing certain software before it installs on its operating systems is anti-competitive. Microsoft does not have Windows Media Player.

No matter which operating system your computer is running, we will show how to legaly and completely free download Windows Media Player for Windows 10

Windows Media Player 12

Windows Media Player 12 requires no installation. Your version of Windows 10 will determine the method you use.

Windows 10 N or NK

Please download the Media Feature Pack directly from Microsoft.

Choose the language that you prefer from the dropdown menu and click Next select the version that you want to download . It will depend upon the version Windows 10 that your computer is running.

The DirectX Diagnostic tool will now be opened by pressing Windows Key + R. To do this, click Windows Key + R.


This file only 32-bit users can access

Select the 64-bit file, if necessary, and click Next.

The wizard guides you through the process. Then the update is applied. Microsoft’s support webpage includes a complete list.

Windows 10 Home and Pro

Windows Media Player comes as an optional feature with these Windows 10 version. It must be turned on.


To open Settings, use the Windows key +I. Navigate to Apps > Additional features > Add a new feature .

Scroll down Windows Media Player. Click it. Click To Install .

Done! The list of optional features for Windows Media Player can be viewed on the previous page.

Alternatives for Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player may be annoying to some, but Not everyone needs it.

VLC Media Player can be downloaded as a free and open-source media player. The extensive support for video codecs means that it can run virtually any type of video or audio file.

HTMLLC can stream video, webcams, or other media.

Some other great free options include Winamp which allows for excellent visualization and interface customization. MusicBee is a powerful music management software that supports radio, podcasts and more.

Standard Windows applications can also be used. These apps were made with Windows 10 as a focus. They provide a modern user experience.

Windows Media Player for Windows 10: Success!

Windows Media Player works now on most systems. Microsoft might end support in the near future.

Windows Media Player can be disabled if you don’t like it.


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