How you can delete your Hotmail/Outlook Email address


Sometimes an email address needs to be retired. Or maybe you just want to change providers.

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Delete Hotmail or Outlook Accounts

Microsoft can connect any Hotmail, Outlook, or Both email account to Microsoft.

Outlook/Hotmail is not possible to delete without activating Microsoft Account.

This may not be practical depending on the use case. Microsoft Accounts can also be used for services such as Windows Live, Microsoft 365, Microsoft To-Do, and Xbox Live.

The following steps will allow you to delete your Microsoft Account.

  1. Go to and enter your login credentials.
  2. To the right of your page, click the tab.
  3. Scroll further to the Microsoft account section.
  4. More information on how to close your Account can be found at
  5. Decide if Microsoft will keep data within 30 days, within -60 days.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Check out the security confirmations.


You can activate your account within 30-60 business days. After that, login with the same credentials.

Our articles discussed how to remove your Microsoft Account. Learn how to delete Microsoft Accounts

How To Delete Outlook/Hotmail Email Addresses

It’s clear that you don’t want to delete your Microsoft Accounts.

Outlook offers many options. Here are some steps to help you move forward.

  1. Create your own Outlook email account.
  2. Modify your sign up settings
  3. Modify your primary email account.
  4. You can delete your old email address.


1. Create a brand-new Outlook email address

You need to delete your Outlook email. To create a new account, you must first create one.

Login to Outlook to get going. Click on the icon located in the top right corner. Select View Other Outlook Settings.

Navigate into Email > SyncMail> Email Aliases. The browser will then open.

Two options are now available:

You have two options: create a different email address or add one to Outlook Inbox. This option allows you to combine an old Hotmail account with your new Outlook address.


Enter the details. Click on the To Add Alias tab. Email can be sent immediately or received immediately.

2. Outlook Preferences

Access to the old email address used to log into Microsoft apps is still possible

Allow Outlook email addresses access to your account’s login privileges


3. Change your primary email address

If you want to delete your Outlook/Hotmail mail address, first take down the status for the primary address.

You can return to email > Synchronize email > Email Aliases.

All email addresses will appear. Next, click the Accept confirmation button.

4. Remove the Outlook Email Address

Once you have created an email alias and made it your primary Microsoft mailbox email account, you can now delete any Outlook mail addresses.

Outlook/Hotmail web app is now open again.

Check this list to see which Outlook email addresses need to be removed. Next, click the Remove link and confirm the action.


Warning: If an email is deleted, it will be impossible to receive messages from that address.

How To Delete Outlook Accounts

As you can see, it is confusing.

  • Outlook cannot be deleted from Microsoft Account.
  • First create an email alternate to remove your email address. It can also be used as your primary address.
  • Unable to access an email address once it has been deleted.

We do not recommend that you delete an account, unless it is necessary to remove your online presence.


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