These 15 Chrome themes are the best to personalize your browser


Google Chrome is currently the most popular browser due to many reasons.

Even if you don’t care about being different, it can feel boring to see the same background every single day. These themes are easy to install.

These 15 themes are the best in Chrome.

1. Just Black

The Just Black Chrome theme does exactly what you would expect. This theme replaces the white theme with a black theme.

This is great news for your eyes and monitor. You can use Chrome’s dark mode to reduce the stinging effect of pure white late at night or during the day.

2. Red shards

The Black red shards theme makes a great middle-point. This theme is darker and more focused than the default Chrome theme.

The accent color of the Black Red Shields theme is the most striking. Red buttons and icons really make this theme stand out.

3. Night Time In New York City

New York City Night Time is a great choice if you’re looking for something darker but still vibrant. All icons and buttons are white on black, making them easy to see.

Nighttime In New York City, the main draw is its stunning background.

4. Sahara

Sahara is the next theme. It follows the same theme.

This theme uses a variety of dark and patterned brown colors. These themes look fantastic.

5. Galaxy-View

Galaxy View is a great option if you’re looking for deep blacks and gorgeous colors.

Galaxy View, as its name suggests, shows you a view from the galaxy.

6. Nebula

Nebula is an excellent alternative to Galaxy-View.

Nebula has a more consistent color than Galaxy View, but still offers spectacular views.

7. Lone Tree

The Lone Tree theme is lovely.

Some icons and buttons may not be easy to see because of the gray color. If you look at the theme, the icons and buttons will disappear.

8. Ride The Wave

Many dark themes are familiar to you. You’re familiar with many dark themes. Why not try something different? The Wave Chrome theme keeps your browser’s look dark, but not boring.

Although the theme of Just Black is similar, the use of dark blues and purples helps to keep it interesting and fresh.

9. Night Light

Next on the list is Night Light. This Chrome theme is a great mix of being bright and simple.

10. The Explorer

If you love pastels in any medium, the Explorer theme will inspire you.

It feels real and it keeps you interested. The muted background and subtle selections of colors in the header bring the theme to life.

11. Flying Paint

Sometimes, you just need a theme to use for Chrome’s landing pages. Flying Paint can help you do that.

Flying Paint will give you a Chrome theme to grab your attention each time you open a new tab. Because it doesn’t make any modifications, it’s easy for people to forget about the default Chrome header and buttons.

12. Colors

If you’re looking for something with a lot more color, Colors is a good starting point. This allows you to see many different colors no matter where you are.

13. Branches

You can create a tranquil environment by using the theme Branches. It can’t reach the buttons and headers to change them.

14. Snowy Branches

Snowy Branches is based on the same premise but uses a soft-blue color palette. Snowy Branches also features Sakura branches, making it a more relaxing theme.

15. Floral Blue

Floral Blue completes the list.

You have the option to choose from as many themes

There are a lot of themes for Chrome.

Different Chrome profiles allow you to do many things. You can also change the themes to match your Chrome profile.


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