These are the 6 best websites to play backgammon online


Do you want to improve your backgammon skills? These sites are dedicated to backgammon.

Backgammon, along with mahjong, chess and Go, is one of the oldest boardgames in human history. There are many websites that can help you learn the rules and test your abilities against other players.

You can expect layers of excitement and challenges when you play multiple versions of the same goal: get all your checkers off of the board. You can play backgammon as you like with the help of these online resources.

1. 247 Backgammon

This website is easy to use and provides a great way to practice and learn classic backgammon. You can choose to play against an AI opponent, or against a real player.

This second option is only available in pass-and-play style. To progress, two players must use the same screen. A smartphone works just as well as a computer.

Although the design of the digital backgammon boards is simple, it has many interesting features. The board will highlight which checkers can be moved and where, when you roll the dice.

A doubling cube is also available, which can increase a player’s final score by up to 64. But don’t get carried away. You can take your time and read the instructions before you start playing.

2. iTavli

Learn how to play backgammon on an easier platform. iTavli is not perfect. There are unclear rules and instructions. However, it offers a rare opportunity to enjoy classic gameplay online.

Before you play against a computer or online player, choose from Greek, Turkish, Russian, or other styles. To fully enjoy the experience, iTavli’s manual is not comprehensive.

You can also keep track of the top players on the site by using the leaderboard. You can also challenge your friends on any board you choose. Register now and you will see your name rise up the ranks.

This site’s goal is to allow you to spend your evenings playing backgammon against a relaxing beach background. It’s just like online puzzles and a great way for you to exercise your brain.

3. VIP Backgammon

VIP Backgammon offers a modern design that is better than 247 Backgammon. This domain is part the larger VIP Games community that offers online versions of popular card and board games.

You can play backgammon against the computer using the section. You can also double your score.

The main difference between VIP and other games is that every turn is timed, so you have to think fast. VIP offers more social opportunities, including the possibility to play with friends or compete in tournaments.

Remember that you will need chips to compete. You can collect them from every session. How well you do against AI or real opponents will determine how much you make.

This is a place where you can create a profile and build your rank. You can also go head-to-head with other backgammon players. The more you play, the more fun each game will be.

4. Backgammon Galaxy

You may be able to concentrate more on live games once you are comfortable with the rules. While it’s fine to play against a computer, the experience is much better when there’s a real person at the other end of your virtual board.

Backgammon Galaxy is the perfect platform for this job as it allows online players. You can join or create a session with players from around the globe. Other features include a timer with different speeds, and points that can be used to climb the leaderboard.

Although points are not required to join tournaments such as VIP Backgammon’s, the competition is fierce. Before you buy in, make sure that you are up to the task.

You can also watch videos of sessions if you aren’t feeling up to playing but still want the experience. By simply studying the techniques of experienced players, you can build a solid understanding of backgammon.

5. Extreme Gammon

Extreme Gammon can be downloaded on any device, whether it is a tablet, smartphone or computer. However, this provider is well-known for its work in backgammon. Extreme Gammon, aside from being the creator of Backgammon Galaxy is the best program for serious competitors.

This software is used by players and organizations around the world to analyze and practice their games. The platform’s best features extend beyond its 2D and 3D fully customizable boards.

After you have downloaded and installed it, you can either play against the computer or another player. Extreme Gammon is a tool that allows you to train with many tools and settings.

It lets you select the difficulty level for your AI opponent. It also breaks down your sessions to show you which moves were successful and why. Extreme Gammon allows you to import games from other websites.

Unfortunately, the software is not free as most browser-based alternatives. The software costs $59.95 per computer. However, you can get a free trial or other discounts if your are a member of GammonSite and the US Backgammon Federation.

6. Backgammon Studio

Backgammon Studio is the best option if you are looking for an analytical backgammon website. The signup process and navigation are difficult to master.

Studio can be a great resource for dedicated players once you understand what is available and where it is. It’s like Extreme Gammon and is designed to help you play better.

It can analyze your games and provide a large database of checker positions and moves. You can start at various levels of difficulty and work your own way through them.

You don’t have a clock so you can work on your reaction time. To ensure you respond well to pressure, use your watch or a helpful timing app.

There are quizzes that you can attempt to pass, and another panel that lists matches from live tournaments. The recordings can be viewed while you play a session on Studio’s live matchdomain, appropriately named Heroes.

Backgammon Online – Master the Game

There are many ways to play backgammon online, from simple browser games to more complex online communities.

You can start small with iTavli if you are new to the concept. This will help you get to grips with the rules and tricks. You can then move onto larger and more advanced hubs.

Backgammon, like chess or other brain games is well worth the effort. It’s thrilling to test your strategies against the best players on each platform, but it also gives you an opportunity to join a global network of fun-loving strategists.


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