Two Easy Methods to Scan Documents On Android


    We will show you how to scan documents from Android using Google Drive or Microsoft Lens. This will allow you to digitise receipts and photos.

    Although scanning documents can be tedious, it is something we all do. You can scan documents quickly and easily with your Android phone.

    Here’s how to scan documents on Android.

    Google Drive: The Simple Android Scanner Method

    Android does not have a built-in method to scan documents. The best option is the Google Drive app. It’s already installed on most Android devices, so it’s as standard as any other method.

    Google Drive scans offer many benefits. It uploads your scan directly to your Google Drive account so you don’t need to do any manual backups. You can also share your scans easily with colleagues or family members by simply sending them a link to Drive.

    Google Drive App: How to scan documents

    Install Google Drive from Google Play Store to get the app. Once you have it installed, sign in to your Google account. To open the Create a new panel, tap any tab in the app. Once the panel appears, choose Scan.

    You will need to give permission to Google Drive to use your camera if this is your first experience with Google Drive. After you have done this, the camera will launch. You can then snap a picture of the document that you wish to scan. To take the picture, you can use the camera interface in normal mode. If you need, there are common options such as zoom and a timer.

    A preview of your photo will appear. If you are satisfied, tap the redo or the check buttons. You can make multiple edits to your scan by hitting the Check button.

    Google Drive Editing:

    You will find four icons from Google Drive at the bottom on your scan page. These icons are, from left to right:

    • Reload: Tap on the arrow to scan again the document, which is helpful if the original scan was blurry or similar.
    • Colour: You can choose from four colour enhancement options by clicking the palette icon. Black & White or Colour are the most popular, depending on whether you have colour in your document. You can also try the other two options to improve your scan quality.
    • Rotate This is used to rotate the scan in increments of 90 degrees.
    • Crop : Google Drive will automatically crop your scan to the edges of the document it finds. If it doesn’t, you can adjust the edges by using the Crop Tool.

    To scan additional documents, tap the Plus button in the lower-left corner. The three-dot menu is at the top-right. There are several options available. To change the generic name of the date or time, use Rename scan

    You might also find some options under Setting that are worth considering. Image Enhancement allows you to set the default colour enhancement. Paper Size allows you to change the document size that the final PDF will use. Paper Orientation lets you choose whether you prefer Landscape or Portrait.

    If you need to create higher-quality scans or smaller files, adjust the Image quality.

    Google Drive: Viewing and saving scanned documents

    Once you are done, click the Save link back to the main scan page. You will be able to edit the title of the document if it hasn’t been changed, and you can also choose which Google Drive account the file is going to (if there are multiple). Select a folder and the file will be uploaded to Drive after you tap save.

    The PDF can be viewed in Google Drive at any time. To access the PDF even if you don’t have a connection to the internet, tap the three dots button and select Make available offline. To save a copy of the file to your phone’s memory, you can choose Download.

    Learn how to use Microsoft Lens scan documents on Android

    Although scanning documents with Google Drive on Android is simple, there are some reasons you may not like this app. Perhaps you don’t want to create a Google account or don’t like the idea that every scan you upload to the cloud will be uploaded to it.

    There are many mobile document scanning apps that you can use. Microsoft Lens is one of our favourites. This simple Android document scanner allows you to save your scans as local files. This solves the greatest problem with Google Drive.

    Open Microsoft Lens and install it. After a brief introduction, you will see information about the app. You’ll also be asked permission to use your camera and photos. After you have completed this, Lens will allow you to start scanning.

    Microsoft Lens Scanning Modes

    Lens offers different scanning modes than Google Drive. You can toggle between Whiteboard, Document and Actions at the bottom. The majority of these options are self-explanatory except for actions which contain several tools.

    Actions allows you to select from the following OCR tools using the sub-menu:

    • Text: Copy or share the text from a photo.
    • Table: Take a printout of an image to create a table.
    • Read: Say text in your image loud.
    • Contact: Saves information from business cards to your contact list.
    • QR Code To open the information, scan a QR code using your phone. Although this is not OCR, it is grouped together in the same menu.

    Microsoft Lens: Capturing and Editing

    It doesn’t matter what mode you use, scanning the document is easy: simply point your camera at the document and take a photo as normal. To get the best results, choose a background that is different from the document you are scanning. Also, make sure your phone is directly above the media to ensure the most accurate capture.

    After taking a picture with Lens, you have the option to adjust the borders if the app fails to recognize them correctly. You’ll be able to see all kinds of options once you hit Confirm.

    Open the scanner to add more images. To modify the appearance of an image, use Filters. Crop or Rotate to correct it.

    You can choose More to draw on the document or Text overlay text. Reorder allows you to rearrange items in a scan. To move on, tap Done when you are satisfied.

    Save and upload with Lens

    You can now choose where you want to save your scan file. After changing the title, click the checkbox for each location where you wish to save the file. The default selection is Your Gallery, which saves the scan to an image.

    You can save the scan as a PDF in OneDrive. This is an OCR document in Word. Although these are not necessary, they can make your workflow easier if you already have Microsoft Office products.

    When you’re done tap Save and your Android scan will be complete. It will be located in the Office Lens folder of your phone. This folder should also appear in your Gallery app.

    Android makes scanning documents easy

    Your Android phone has a PDF scanner. Save yourself the hassle of scanning something from the library or at home by using this handy PDF scanner. These two Android document scanner apps make it easy to scan and modify documents.

    However, this isn’t all the scanning your phone can perform. Did you know that your phone can scan barcodes in order to find out more information about them?


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