we are happy to share the many storage options available in Xbox Series Series S/X/S.


To those who are fortunate enough to have one of Microsoft’s flagship consoles, 

This guide will talk about the options, how much memory you can boost on your Xbox Series X/S (which might seem a bit… ahem miserly), how to add storage

WHY would you want to increase the storage on your Xbox Series X/S?

The Series X lists a storage space of 1 TB. If you add system software to that, however, it drops down to 800 GB. This is not enough space to store all your Xbox Games or Apps.

An Xbox Series X storage update might not be a priority, due to the large storage capacity (for a game console).

I love my Series S. There is enough room for 15 games, in different sizes.

While you may not wish to, you should take this into consideration when upgrading your Series S memory. You won’t use it if you are a casual gamer or if you only use the Series S to perform secondary functions.

Regardless of your reason for increasing your Series X/Series X Ram, the simple answer is to store more games and apps.

Xbox Series S/X Other Storage Options

There are many options available to expand your Xbox Series S memory.

You can choose between HDD and SSD storage.

Xbox Series S SSDs

There are many SSD options that you can choose from for Xbox. It is compatible with your Xbox via the USB expansion port.

The Series X/S official storage expansion makes it a great option. Seagate has optimized the unit to work with the console.

This option is expensive. You can also get 2TB storage for 500 dollars more.

A second option is the external SSD. This option costs more than the Seagate extensions cards.

Because it is less likely to get damaged, this SSD is an excellent option.

SSDs are solid because of their reliability. Because they don’t have to worry too much about moving parts, your data will last longer.

  • But they can be costly.
  • Xbox Series S HDDs
  • HDDs are the cheapest.

Seagate also produces an HDD for Xbox specifically made for it, the Seagate Game Drive. Microsoft certifies the drive is compatible with Xbox. The Seagate Game Drive also comes with three years of disaster recovery coverage in case it doesn’t work.

Another name you might recognize is WD.

HDDs can be a good option if you want to save money.

Add Xbox Series Storage

Seagate Expansion Card cards can be easily added to your computer. However, you will need to connect an external SSD or HDD via USB. This is a bit more complicated.

Activate the console first by pressing the Power button near the front of the device, or pressing the Microsoft button close to the controller.

Plug your USB drive into one of the Xbox USB ports.

Select the button to make your choice Format storage device .

The console will prompt for Give your device a name The previous steps have been completed successfully. For instance, it could be called Series SHDD.

Next, you will be asked to confirm by the console. Everything can be installed automatically at [NAME.DESTINATION.DRIVE] Choose the options you would like to see here. Note that an external HDD/SDD will transfer data at a slower speed than the default console storage. Keep Current Location It is your best choice.

This is the final step. Format [NAME Of The Drive] . Select FORMAT STORAGE DESIRED Your console then takes care of everything else. This new storage device can work with your Xbox SeriesX/S.


Congratulations! Congratulations! Now all your Game Pass titles can be added.


Now, You Can Expand Your Xbox SeriesX/S Memory

This information will allow you to choose the best Xbox Series X/S storage option for you.


Be familiar with your storage device. Also, learn how to repair any issues.


Thank you for reading our blog.



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