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Broadcasting games live to the public is a way for top American professional gamers to make a living.

What’s Rated.com

Sunday December7 was created by a gaming enthusiast.

What are the steps to sign up?

Check that your website is compatible with CALL OF DUTY before you sign-up.

Your Xbox or PlayStation Username will be required to log in to the site. To rank your games, the site will record your wins, losses, kills, and ranks.

These are the requirements for you to use this site:

You should play video games.

* Documents lost within seven days.

* It’s recommended to play at most 66 matches each season.

Top 50 Leaderboard:

The leaderboard has four categories: Kills Records K/D Ratio Gulag Win Ratio, Kills Records (Kills). A website lists the names and achievements of the top players.

Win ratio

* Rank 2 Deceive

* Rank #3: Sleeper

K/D Ratio:

* Rank 3: Brryaaan

Gulag Win Ratio:

* Rank 1 MYA

* Rank 2, In faCT

* Rank 3 AydaN


* Rank 1 rocket

* Rank 2;YT Dr3w

* Rank 3: Fzcused

Very Last Thoughts

This is a very safe and tech-savvy system. Your rating will be based upon the number of games played, the win rate, and kill record.


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