You can use different iPhone wallpapers in light and dark modes


An iPhone display mode switch is a great feature. Make sure that your iPhone wallpaper matches your theme.

This option is also available on the Shortcuts App. Jailbreaking is an option for those who want to go even further.

iPhone owners have the option of choosing from Dark or Light Mode wallpapers.


Choose between Light or Dark Mode Wallpapers

iOS14.6 now includes 21 adaptive wallpapers. iPhone 12 Pro & 12 Plus models include four more live wallpapers.

These wallpapers can change color and look very similar to the ones found on Mac. These wallpapers have less detail but they are still very beautiful.


Use of Built In Dark Wallpapers

Your iPhone can still have a wallpaper matching the built-in option

These steps can be used to create wallpapers in dark or light colors.

  1. Click on Background to view the Options
  2. Click to choose a new Wallpaper.
  3. Select the most popular rows.
  4. Next you will need wallpapers that have thumbnails that can be divided to show both darker and lighter previews.
  5. Click at the bottom to zoom in or out on full screen preview
  6. Then, tap Set.
  7. Next, choose whether wallpaper will be used on your Lock Screen, Home Screen, or both.



Disabling Wallpaper Dimming

Only one setting will allow Dark Mode Wallpapers to be enabled in iPhones.

Click Wallpaper to open Settings. Scroll down for Dark Aspect Dims Wallpaper images.

The setting adjusts the wallpaper to the surrounding environment. Dark Mode wallpapers are brighter when they are off.


Make custom dark or light wallpaper in just a few clicks

You can choose from a variety of wallpapers.

Select which files from Files/Photos you want to be your shadow and light wallpapers.


Create Your iPhone wallpapers from a set

Setting up an Automat Light and Dim mode in Settings

Shortcuts automation can’t change the display or color of your iPhone when it is locked. Instead, Settings App assigns a schedule for your iPhone in Light/Shadow Mode.

Use a Jailbreak Tool to make custom dark or bright wallpapers

DynaWall jailbreak tweaks available for iPhones. It costs $2.79. You can choose two images as your wallpaper.

This wallpaper is not available for jailbreak. The wallpaper adjusts to the appearance of your iPhone.

Understanding Jailbreak iPhone

Get Adaptive Wallpapers to Personalize Your iPhone

Most likely, your iPhone wallpaper is a static photo. You can change the wallpaper to make it dynamic.

Select the background that suits your needs the best to alter the background of the iPhone.

These photos are perfect for creating vibrant wallpapers.


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